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Borne on wings of an angel

This is an interesting forward.

Submitted by Gaz writes….

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the TV show “Touched by an Angel”. And if anyone thinks that miracles only happen to people in a faraway land, going through untold hardships, I’d like to share with you a story, where I was literally borne on the wings on an angel.

It was a sunny afternoon on the 28th June 2004, and I was serving my usual reservist call-up. We were tasked to provide security for the SAF Day Parade in SAFTI.

This was just a rehearsal, so we were pretty relaxed going into it, and extremely bored because all we did was to sit there and wait.

Somewhere after 4pm, the minibus stopped by and my officer-in-charge yelled that we were being picked up to head back to our staging area. We crossed the road and waited for some others who had to answer nature’s call to return.

Reliasing that I’d left something on the other side of the road, I checked behind the vehicle, and the other side for any traffic. Seeing none, I used the pedestrian crossing to get to the other side.

The next thing I knew was darkness.

When I regained consciousness, I was lying face down on the road, bleeding profusely from cuts in my head, face, and arms. My body was racked with so much pain that I couldn’t move a limb. My face was so swollen that I could hardly see out of my left eye?

I later found out that I was hit by a speeding car that overtook the stopped minibus. Once hit, I flew off the bonnet, bounced off the windscreen and was hurled about 15 metres away.

And even though I was in such pain, surprisingly, my mind was pretty clear on what to do. While my friends were trying to assure me that an ambulance was on the way, I managed to tell them to call my cell group leader, trusting him to break the news to my parents, and to pray for me.

The only other thing I remember vividly was the panicked muttering of the army medic, going, “S**t, s**t?”

The ambulance blessedly arrived and took me to the hospital. I blacked out again on the way there.

I woke up once when I was in the A&E, and became more aware of the pain in my spine, head, and right leg.

I just kept praying not to be a cripple, paralysed or a vegetable. For those of you who know me, I’m the active sort, and a life consigned to immobility terrified me.

Unlike the movies, my life did not flash before my eyes at any one time. And my last conscious thought before I blacked out again was my plea to God.

When I woke up, it was dark and my parents were with me. And they were in the midst of discussing with the hospital staff why it was taking them so long to put me into a ward.

They finally wheeled me into a ward. To my surprise, I was quite clear-headed, and even managed to sms (with my left hand!) to a few friends to pray for me.

The doctors came, and the first one of them said to me, “You’re a lucky guy. Most people would have been in a coma?”

I was frightened by his ominous words, but I knew it wasn’t luck. It was God’s grace that brought me through.

That very night, a few friends came by. They almost couldn’t recognise me, however their hesitancy and questions alerted me to them. Which left me wondering how badly disfigured I was.

But in that, I still gave thanks to God, because I was still alive!

The next few days saw me left lying flat on the bed without even a pillow as a precaution for my spinal injury. I wasn’t even allowed to eat had to subsist on a drip with some kind sodium solution.

However, I could speak and think quite clearly, although I experienced quite severe headaches, which the doctor was quite confident, were of no consequence given my lucidity.

I still couldn’t bend my right leg, or use much of my right arm.

The hours sped by with me slipping in and out sleep, and entertaining my various friends and visitors.

And I realised that this provided the best opportunity to speak to everyone about God’s grace, because without it, how could I be there, still alive, with possibly no serious injuries?

The first opportunity I had, I attributed my “great escape” to God. And that included sharing with my fellow ward mates, Muslims though they were.

I didn’t manage to convert them, but I know that now there is a seed planted in their hearts. An even greater breakthrough, was that my parents who are staunchly “free-thinkers” and who take pains not to mention anything relating to God, actually acknowledged the fact that this was a miracle, and “thanked God” for it.

It may not seem much, but I see this as a very big breakthrough in softening their hearts to God, though it’s a painful break for me.

I was discharged 6 days later, and though in pain, was allowed to go home to rest. I shan’t bother to describe to you how bored I became over the next 5 weeks of convalescing at home, and my attempts to walk without pain.

But the CAT scan and MRI on my leg showed that I suffered no brain damage, nor any broken bones. And now, though I walk with still a little pain, the doctors are pretty confident that there would be no long-term damage.

My scars have healed so fast and well, that you can hardly see them anymore, except for a few “rugged-looking” ones.

And just six weeks after my accident, I’m already back on stage. For those of you in City Harvest, the Parade of Ministries was my first performance – small as it may have been – after that horrific accident. And that includes about 1 week of rehearsals! God works wonders, yeah?

The doctors say that I may take up to three more months to fully recover, and might still suffer some short-term memory loss till then. So if I forget what you tell me or lose my train of thought while talking to you, please forgive me.

However, I know that God has brought me away from that accident for a purpose. So I walk everyday now, opening myself up to what plans He has for me, and smelling the roses, so to speak.

This incident has really made me think about my own mortality and what God wants us to achieve here on this earth.

So yes, I am grateful to be alive. Though I may not be the best-looking dude around, the smartest fella, nor the most talented guy, but I know God has a purpose for me, and I’m happy just to serve His purpose, wherever that may take me, or whatever He requires of me.

In fact, God reminded me of the time when I dedicated myself to Him, telling Him to do His will, to use me in whatever and wherever I go, and not to take me away before I can all that He wants me to do. I think He’s just fulfilling His part of the bargain.

And eversince I sent this testimony out, many of my non-Christian friends have called me and we have spoken at length on the topic of God and His plans and purposes for us.

No salvation cases, yet, but I believe that the seed is planted there. The person who harvests them may not be me, but I know that my friends can identify with their own mortality and existences on earth. And they will remember this incident when MY God came through for me, and then they just might turn to Him.

Now I’m going around telling everyone how God can work miracles in our lives, yes, even here in Singapore. Because you never know when you’ll fly on angels’ wings.

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