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Ghost Story #1

Story as received.

When I was young, I lived in a deserted kampong deep in the jungle.

Every night, my mother would ask me not to go home too late as there won’t be any transportation after a certain time. One night, before going home, I ta pao a kueh teow soup for supper. I was late and I waited for the taxi/bus but there was none. I was getting worried as the night was getting darker and darker. So I tried to flag downprivate vehicles to take me home.

There was no one stopping for me, till one motorcyclist took pity on me and stopped to give me a lift. He was a man with a kind face. I accepted his offer and got onto his motorbike.

On the way home, we would pass by a temple. At night, the temple would look eerily spooky with the dim lights from the candles. At first, the motorcyclist was warm and friendly. When the temple was approaching, the motorcyclist eyes grown bigger and bigger. His kind face turned to a face of anger. He was muttering something loud but was not audible to me. I was so scared that I closed my eyes in order not to see his angry face.

Then, the motorcylist stopped in front of the temple and then yelled at me.

“Your kueh teow soup is so hot!! It is burning my thigh! Can you please move it away???”




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