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15 Contradictions of Singaporeans….


note: email was received with spelling as is.


1. Nite – Sleep with air-con, Day – Bath with heater on

2. Day – Cannot Wake up, Nite – Cannot Sleep

3. Translation is need between Singaporean Chinese and Mainland Chinese

4. Smell Of rubbish beside letterboxes, Rubbish in front of Letterbox.

5. Some Sg Chinese use different language other than chinese to communicate.

6. Sg ppl dun like to vote, but like to complain

7. Half of Sg ppl dunno how to speak the country’s language(malay)

8. There are quite a few rich/poor ppl in sg – They have Car, Credit Card, CPF but no Cash and is liable to lots of loans

9. There are also quite a few high-tech barbaric singaporean in sg – They know how to use state-of- the art equipment, use 3g mobile phone and powerful computers but they dunno how to use a simple dustbin or a toilet.

10. Sg ppl rush to buy Hello kitty, the other side busy killing stray cats

11. Chewing Gum – Can Chew, Cannot buy?? (Restricted buying)

12. Cigarettes – Convenient to buy, not convenient to smoke

13. Private Cars – Cheaper and Cheaper to buy, harder and harder to Maintain

14. Public Bus – Half the Crowd Squeeze in front of the Bus, Second Half is Carrying Ghost

15. Education – Teach Less Learn More.


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